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Stretch Your Mind

How Can We Stretch Our Mind

Last week I sat in daily webinars and several master classes and it blew my mind. The stuff I studied was all new to me and way over my head. If I could take in 50 % of it I was happy. At first it caused a feeling of being overwhelmed of all the things I need to know in this new digital world. With everybody going online and having webinars and summits you have to find a way to stand out and make it look professional.


The feeling of being overwhelmed changed during the week towards curiosity and excitement. I started thinking could I actually do this? That was a good feeling because I know from experience that when I put myself in situations like this it stretches my mind. It is a matter of getting exposed to the subject many times and finally it will start to make sense. And this is how it works for all of us if we dare to take the leap into unknown areas.

Dive In

To dive in to a new challenge can be mindblowing. In my case it was technical nerdy stuff which has been the least of my interest, and all of a sudden I’m deep into a master class in technology. What I want to get across is that no matter how overwhelming something can be in the beginning don’t be afraid to take on the challenge. Just take it in, one breath at a time and you will notice that your stress level will drop. Take it step by step and before you know you have surprised yourself. If someone had told me 3 months ago that I would be thinking of building a studio I would have laughed and said no way. Now that thought actually excites me.

New Consciousness

We are being propelled into a new consciousness, that is my belief. I also believe that big change has to happen on many levels and that our minds will be stretched much further. Right now we are being pushed into a new way of life and the digital world is our new reality when it comes to meetings and conferences. All of a sudden we realize that we might not have to travel as much and hopefully this will lead us to a more sustainable life on this planet.

Wake Up Call

I think the pandemic has been a wake up call for people to realize that a lot of things need to change. We need leaders and governments who has the courage to put the big questions in focus. Questions like how to deal with climate change, future pandemics, toxic waste on land and in oceans, poverty, equality, the list goes on and on.

So what does this have to do with stretching your mind? I would say everything! The power of one individual is strong enough to create a whole movement. We have had plenty of evidence lately.

What would be your call to follow? Would it be to learn something new out of your comfort zone? Or to take a stand on an important issue? Whatever the challenge will be you most likely have to move through some resistance and maybe even fear. And it will definitely stretch your mind. I call it moving from Stress to Strength. In the beginning of August there will be workshops on subjects of resistence and self sabotaging patterns that stops us.

Fia Hobbs


Internal Resistance

How to Deal with Internal Resistance

Today I want to touch upon internal resistance. It is one of the most important reasons why we fail to follow through on things. It doesn’t matter how urgent or important it is, you can always find a way to procrastinate if there is a part in you that carry a resistance. We need to access what lies behind and find out the real reason. Only then can we solve many of our problems and make life easier.

Next time when you find yourself delaying a task and not feeling inspired to do it, check in with yourself on a deeper level and ask the question what is stopping you? There are usually many layers that shows up so you have to go through them one by one. This will help you start figure out what the resistance is all about and what creates it. You might need help to become clear before you get down to the deepest layers. This is one of the many things I help my clients to resolve in my Stress to Strength program.

Find Your Resistance

To be able to go deep inside we have to listen carefully to what we think and access our subconscious mind. We have between 60 to 80,000 thoughts every day which is overwhelming in itself. Most of those thoughts are usually just flashing by while others you might dwell on. Some of the thoughts you might not even be conscious about and they are lurking in the subconscious. Here is where you most likely find the deeper resistance.

So if you find yourself not taking action on what you’re supposed to do, I recommend you to sit down for a minute close your eyes and quiet your mind.  There is an exercise I can teach so you can try it out on your own. You might be able to get a breakthrough however most of the time it is helpful to have a coach guide you. Don’t hesitate to contact me for a coaching session when you need it.

The Exercise

Make yourself comfortable on a chair and close your eyes. Start to notice your breathing and take six deep breaths to make sure you calm your nervous system. I want you to think about the issue you are resisting to deal with. Just keep that thought in your mind and then ask yourself what is it in this issue I resist? You brain might come up with a lot of different answers or you might go blank, it doesn’t matter. Just stay there and keep asking questions like what is the procrastination about? What do I gain by avoiding it or does it cause me more problems when I avoid it? What would I gain if I let the resistance go?

The first couple of answers that come up are usually not deep enough to solve the issue. You might come up with things like “I really don’t like it, it feels like a waste of my time.” Keep digging deeper and ask more questions to get to the bottom.

Write It Down

Write your answers down once you get into deeper layers and continue with follow-up questions on each answer. You might be surprised and even find answers right away that you have been struggling with for a long time. The solution is most of the time within us, we just need to still our mind and ask the right questions.

If the answer is “I don’t have the time” you should ask yourself if it is a matter of lack of willingness to prioritize.  If something is important enough you will make the time. With  my clients I also explore through a guided meditation where in the body they feel the resistence. This is an important second part to the exercise.

Once you find an answer you can release the resistance once and for all. And when you do release it you will free up a lot of energy. You will also realize how much this resistance has cost you to hold onto. Cut it loose and use that energy for things that truly inspires you.

Contact me  if you want help in getting a real break through.

Fia Hobbs


Going from Stress to Strength

Stress to Strength

When you hear the word strength, what type of strength do you think of? Is it physical strength or maybe mental or emotional strength? If you had to choose one, which one would you pick as your number one?

When you look at peoples’ actions the conclusion would be that most go for the physical strength. The reason why is because the amount of time people spend on looking good on the outside. But what about the inside,our mental health? Sick leave has gone through the roof when it comes to stress and mental illness and still we do not spend enough time on strengthening our inside, our “mental muscle.”

Dealing with Issues

During a day there are so many things and issues we have to deal with and not just our own. We have to find a way to cope with all the bad news we are constantly bombarded with on TV and social media. On top of that we might also deal with our friends’ problems and definitely problems within the family as well as your own.

Mental Strength

This is where mental strength becomes important and to have coping strategies that we can use when life hits us. For me it has been vital to use the skills that I have learnt for the past 30 years as I started early on realizing the importance of mental strength. It has helped me through many tough times in life where I have lost close friends and colleagues to cancer, and in my own family both my father and my husband.

To be able to have that mental strength to hold onto and to know that no matter what happens and how much you get shaken up, you will always have a strategy to deal with it. The strength is inside yourself and it is always there if you calm your mind and sit with it.

Emotional Strength

The emotional strength is also important as we are emotional beings. We are supposed to feel all sorts of feelings and emotions. Some more joyful than others. In my last blog I wrote about repressed anger. I have also written about fear in an earlier blog. It is important to learn how to deal with the emotions that wears you down day after day.

To be stuck in emotions is to be stuck in the past and that is not where you want to dwell for long periods of time. Therefore you should acknowledge your feelings and see them for what they are. You might need to ask for help to take the trauma and drama out of stuck emotions if you feel you obsess about them.

5 Step Program Stress to Strength

What would it mean for you to be able to go from Stress to Strenght on all levels? If you are struggling with stuck emotions and don’t know how to shift your mindset I can recomend that you set up an appointment with me and I can tell you more about the 5 step program called Stress to Strength. During my 30 years as a therapist I have impacted thousands of people and helped them with releasing stress and emotions. To find out more click this link.

Face Your Fears and Live Your Purpose

Fia Hobbs


Dealing with Repressed Anger

How Do You Deal with Repressed Emotions?

My question for you today is how do you deal with emotions that you don’t want to feel or experience?

A lot of people have expressed feelings of sadness and anger this past week. Repressed anger can make people run amok if you don’t know how to let it out in safe way. This stems many times from when we are young and told that it is OK to show certain feelings but to hide others. It becomes even more obvious when we get into the teenage years struggling to control all the hormonal fluctuations going on in the body. Not knowing how to handle it and in order to be cool you start to repress some of the unwanted feelings.

Feelings Are Not Good Nor Bad

Feelings and emotions are actually energy in motion and having a wide range of emotions is natural. It is when we repress and hide them that the problem starts because they are supposed to move through us instead of getting stuck in the body. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) we talk about how different emotions are connected to certain organs. For some people this sounds strange but if you have studied both Western and Eastern medicine you will come to the same conclusion as I have.

TCM has been around for thousands of years and it wouldn’t have survived if there was no substance to it. There is a clear connection between stuck emotions and certain organs in your body. Let me give you an example. In TCM the liver and eyes are connected and you can easily spot anger in a persons eyes. In Swedish when we say someone has a hot temper we say the have a hot liver “hetlevrad.” But also Western medicine recognizes the connection between the liver and eyes. Liver problems like jaundice can be seen when the whites of the eyes turn yellow.

Repressed Anger

Let’s take a look at anger which is something that a lot of us are feeling right now. There are plenty of things to be angry about, people not being treated equally, animals suffering and the way we treat our planet. Anger is connected to the liver in TCM and if it is stored and repressed too long you will sooner or later blow up. The eruption can be catastrophic depending on who you take the anger out on and if it is in proportion to what happened.

Usually when you have repressed anger you don’t let it out where it is appropriate. Instead it can be the tiniest thing like stuck in a traffic jam or somebody cuts you off in a line. You explode with all your built up anger and direct it at this one person who maybe did nothing wrong but just happened to be in your way at a day when you finally had enough.

How to Deal with Anger

So how should we deal with anger? First of all it is just an emotion, a feeling and as I explained earlier they should be moving through our body and not get stored. Now there are times when we will have to hold our tongue or cannot go off on someone or something even if we are angry. It can be our child that has asked something for the twentieth time when we are in the middle of a deadline or it can be a new colleague constantly asking you questions. It is important we get rid of the energy by releasing it and I will take you through some steps so you can let it out instead of shouting and screaming maybe at the wrong person.

5 Tips

  1. When you get angry and you cannot let it out in a safe controlled way, step away from the situation and literally go and shake it off. That is what animals do when they need to get rid of excess fear for example, they shiver and shake it off. You can also shadow box something in front of you and when you are done brush yourself off as you are getting rid of snow on your coat, brush off your shoulders, lungs and liver.
  2. See if you can locate the feeling of anger in your body. Where do you feel it? Start to breathe into that place and also exhale from it. Do this at least 12 times.
  3. When you have time to reflect on what happened start to look into yourself and have an internal conversation about what triggered you and if you can see a pattern. Is it always the same type of situation that triggers you, the same person? Can it be that you have associated a specific situation or a person with anger? That every time you encounter the situation/person you will go in expecting it to aggravate you instead of going in with a blank page and see what will happen.
  4. After you have released the anger and reflected on it, it is good to write your thoughts down on a piece of paper. This is when you can access your rational cognitive part of your brain instead of the reactionary brain stem. You will be able to see the situation from another angle and this gives you a choice how to react next time.
  5. You can then use that energy that anger releases and transform it in a constructive way where you are in control and it helps you to move on and not get stuck.

If you want to read more my book Öst möter Väst – Mental träning över gränserna is available in Swedish.

Don’t be afraid to have feelings, just make sure that your emotions are moving through you and don’t get stuck.

Fia Hobbs





When Fear Takes Over

My reflection today is about when we let fear take over our life.

Overcome by Fear

I just met a couple in their mid-seventies out walking and overheard the woman expressing a lot of fear for the people she met on her walk. The walking path was quite wide and you could easily pass people with safe distance. But in her fear, she saw every person as a potential walking ticking virus threat.

I absolutely understand why we all, and especially older people with an underlying illness, need to take precautions. But living with fear is also threatening for the body and for the immune system. If you are constantly alert, always looking out for danger and seeing potential threats in every person you meet, it becomes overwhelming and is not the way to enhance your health.

Fear Creates Fear

The reason why I want to address this is because fear itself creates more fear and is subsequently unhealthy for our physical, mental and emotional health. We need to look after our mind as well as our body as they are not separated. So in an attempt to stay safe you can actually do more harm to your body if you  at the same time live under the perception of constant fear.  The couple I overheard was an example of that and they are not the only ones who lives with constant stress recently.

How to Face Fears

My best advice for anyone who is facing any type of fear is don’t be afraid to talk about it. Also see if you can look at it from a different angle with a new set of eyes without your own filter. By taking it out of the shadows it becomes less fearful and we can learn to cope with it. Take in liable sources but be willing to challenge what you hear. Open up and listen to other angles and come to a decision that is right for you.  What is right for one person might not be right for another so stay humble.

Coming to Acceptance

Once you have made your decision on how to deal with your fear and the situation it is important to come to an acceptance.  The acceptance that you have done everything within your capacity to keep as safe as possible. Coming to this acceptance brings piece of mind and it will lower your stress levels at the same time enhancing your immune system. The fear no longer work against you and you have become a master of your fear by facing and challenge it.  You have come to acceptance and from there on made a solid decision that is right for you.

Living in Fear Will Stop You Living

The woman I met could have been out having a lovely walk in this beautiful weather, strolling by the lake, looking at the flowers and I just breathing in the fresh air. Instead she was paranoid about every person she met and she was complaining and accusing her husband for taking her out. That to me is very sad and one of the consequences of living in fear.

My Own Experience

My experience during my husbands’ illness and death has taught and made me face e a lot of things. While we are here and alive we should not waste time. We should be living in the true essence of the word, not just existing. No one knows for sure what life has in store for us and I think that is a blessing in many ways. We can choose what we want to fill each day with, a new outlook on life, hope, joy, being grateful and thankful. Or we can fill it with stress and fear. Every day will add up to what we call a life. If you want to hear me talking about hope, healing, fear and purpose you can listen in here to my free webinar on June 1. 

Face Your Fears and Live Your Purpose

Fia Hobbs


Reflections, a Book is Born


May 26 was a big day for me, it was the day Reflections got released. It is 3 years of my life that has gone into it and the book is about the last seven critical months in my husbands’ life. He was diagnosed with cancer in July 2017 and died in February 2018.  And yet it is a book of hope, healing, how to face fears and not be afraid to live life in full, no matter what. So to honor him and the book that is based on his blogs during those months, here is a background to his life.

Songwriter and Composer

Brian Hobbs, a songwriter and composer was dedicated to music most of his life. He wrote both music and lyrics in many different genres from R&B, funk, jazz, big band, instrumental, bossa, pop, country and even musicals. He was an encyclopedia when it came to early twentieth century music and his first inspiration was George and Ira Gershwin.

When Brian moved to Sweden he became the person to go to when it came to lyrics, but he also made quite a few instrumental albums on his own and he loved doing that. He found his perfect writing partner in Andreas Aleman and together they wrote Andreas four albums.

Brian also had songs released in Japan and Spain and many other countries. Here in Sweden he wrote lyrics for Björn Skifs, Janne Schaffer, Stefan Gunnarsson, Nils Landgren and many more. His highlight was when Michael Mc Donald sang on one of his and Andreas songs. But it was not until June 2017 that Brian released his first album that he sang on. He did not consider himself a singer so this was a big hurdle for him to overcome. He was already feeling his sickness but had not yet been diagnosed when the album was released. The album is called Genesis of Who I Am and is a reflection of who he was.

The biggest change once he got diagnosed with cancer was his lack of fear about putting out music that in his ears was not perfectly mixed and mastered yet. He knew that his time was measured and he wanted to get it all out there. During a few months he managed to release the following albums.

Brian Hobbs last albums

  • Genesis of Who I Am
  • Reflections (the album, not the book)
  • Impressions of the Outer Banks 2
  • Healing Purpose
  • The Independent Man (a musical)

These are the albums he relased from June 2017 to the end of the year. He also released the book The Craft of Creating which is a book about songwriting. The book came out in early January 2018 a month before he died so he was quite sick by then and I helped him get it all in order.

Brian truly found his life purpose when he realized he had inspired so many young students that he had taught as a singer-songwriter teacher.

The Earlier Albums

Here are some of his instrumental albums that he also played on and produced.

  • Impressions of the Outer Banks
  • Candle in the Window
  • Balancing Body and Mind
  • Second Glances

These are albums he co-wrote all or most of the songs:

  • Andreas Aleman 4 albums: This is Life, It’s the Journey, Home for Christmas, From Within
  • Peter Getz: Bossa my Soul
  • Monica Silverstrand: Been There Done That
  • Albert Hobbs Big Band: Love Remembered
  • Charlotte & Dea: Alabaster Nights

This is far from all Brian wrote but I know he was especially proud of these albums.

The Lesson of the Book Reflections

I hope the lesson to be learned is don’t wait for the perfect moment to get things done. If you have a dream of writing, painting, singing or whatever it is, just dive right in.  Let go of the fear of not being good enough or being judged. As long as you enjoy what you do, you have found your purpose in life and a way to feel fulfilled. For more inspiration go to Reflections, a Story of Hope, Healing, Facing Fears and Finding Purpose

Face Your Fears and Live Your Purpose

Fia Hobbs



Hope, Healing, Fears and Finding Purpose

A Story of Hope, Healing, Facing Fears and Finding Purpose

Today I want to share my journey with you and reflect on the past three years that has ranged from hope to acceptance and everything in between. My husband started to write about his challenge facing late stage cancer as a way of handling his own fears and to inspire others who deals with a serious illness. Reflections is based on the blog he wrote during the seven months from his diagnosis to his death on February 8, 2018.

It has been intense at times, slow at other times, a lot of grief but also feelings of thankfulness. May 26 is the official release for the book Reflections, a Story of Hope Healing, Facing Fears and Finding Purpose.

How it Started

It started in 2017 when my husband became ill and got diagnosed with cancer for the second time. I realized from the start it was serious this time and dropped everything at hand and spent the last seven months with him. It was a journey, an inner journey, which brought a lot of sadness, grief, and worry. But it also came with closure and times where we felt content and grateful for every day we could spend together. For having true friends and family that helped us through the seven months and made it possible. I won’t go into details here as the book tells the story.

Hope and Healing

Reflections is also a book of hope and healing but not the physical healing we usually think about. It is more about emotional, mental, and the spiritual healing which in retrospect are just as important as the physical healing.

Brian also wanted me to write from my perspective as a wife and caregiver, as well as his counseling therapist. It is a role I know well, mainly from my work but also from having lost many friends to cancer. I was both his wife and psychological support and over the months, as he grew in spirituality, we had long conversations about life and death. Brian wanted to spread his message and was hoping in the early days that he could speak to people about finding purpose in life whatever they were up against, including facing death. He became passionate about helping people get over the fears that stop so many of us, something that he himself had struggled with for most of his life.


Unfortunately he was not able to fulfill the idea of public speaking but he did become a huge inspiration through his blog, especially to his singer-songwriter students. We were both overwhelmed by the response and he was lucky to find out while he was still alive that he had been an inspiration to many people over the years, without even being aware of it. He just followed his passion.

Book Release Online

I hope you will join me on May 26 at 5 pm Swedish time (GMT +2) for the book release that will take place online on my official Facebook page. There will be interviews with my husband’s friends from way back and fun stories as I believe in celebrating life and not the death of someone. My husband finally realized his purpose in life and the book will inspire you to find yours.

Face Your Fears and Live Your Purpose

Fia Hobbs


Body Language Communication

Communication and Awareness

My reflection this week has been about body language communication. The lack of awareness and how confusing it can be when what we say and what we show does not line up. When we think about communication it is usually about words. It is about what we are saying, how we say it and the tone of voice we use. Our voice reveals our emotional state and it can be in a whisper or we can shout it out.

But the most revealing communication is the way we use our body language. It doesn’t matter how aware you are and try to conceal something, the body will tell the story if you let your conscious mind slip for a moment. Your true body language shows up and no one can be in control a 100 % of the time.

Who We Really Are

Our body mirrors our feelings and our thoughts and shows us who we are at that given moment. It becomes obvious when we look at posture, how we walk, sit and present ourselves or when we walk into a room. You might notice on a day when you don’t feel well that you drag your feet and feel at least a couple of inches shorter than usual. Another day you might wake up and feel really good and spring out of bed because you have something exciting to look forward to and you are a foot taller. At least that’s how you feel. The first people notice aboout you is your body language and the communication starts without you even opening your mouth. This is the first impression you make.

Authentic Communication

We are all true and authentic when it comes to our body language. It shows our emotional and mental state and of course the physical state. So what is my point here? If we want to have a true authentic communication with other people and you tell one story with words but another one with your body, you will not be perceived as authentic. It is of value to look at what you say and what you do and make sure that those two have the same message.

By aligning your body language with the spoken message you will present yourself in another way but remember it has to come from inside to be authentic. Because as soon as you let your guard down the old body language will take over and there will be a discrepency in your communication.

A Few Tips for an Authentic Body Language

  • Think about your posture and that it takes core muscles to be able to stand tall or to sit without slumping.
  • If your breathing is high up in the chest it sends signal to the body that you are anxious and when you feel anxious the body language change and you tense up. Take a few slow conscious breaths to lower your breathing and relax.
  • Don’t be afraid to look people in the eyes and smile. This is very important especially if you feel anxious or nervous.
  • If you are about to give a presentation or a speech it is natural to feel anxious and the body will show it. Again smile and look people in the eyes and they will smile back at you and you will become more at ease.

There are many ways to work with our body language to become more aware but these are a few of the most important ones. Next time you find yourself in a situation where you feel uncomfortable, take notice of your body language.  If you say one thing and feel that your body language tells another story you might not be able to communicate with conviction

Being a Therapist

In my work as a therapist and being a NLP practitioner I notice how we express ourselves with our body. I don’t judge but I do take notice of the tension and blockages that holds a person back.  I notice  hesitance, fear and anger but also joy and everything is expressed through the body.

This does not mean that you have to be constantly aware of your body language. It actually all starts with being authentic with your thoughts and your thoughts will carry your body’s message. It is when we are not true to ourselves that the body and the spoken language speaks different languages.


Fia Hobbs

The picture shows my dog who I was fortunate to have for over 16 years in my life. His body spoke the language of a big dog and he was not afraid of anything.



The Power of Setting an Intention

Set Your Intention for the Week

It is easy to underestimate the power of setting an intention no matter what you want to accomplish. I’d like to give you an example from last Friday when I faced a challenge. I needed to create a promo video for the book Reflections, a Story of Hope, Healing, Facing Fears, and Finding Purpose. When I started I had no idea how to approach it. My first idea was to record myself in front of the camera and reading aloud from the pages of the book.

That idea didn’t excite me so instead I took my dog for a walk with an intention to open up my creativity without any preconception on how to solve my problem. It took me about ten minutes into the walk when I started to see parts of the video in my brain unfold. I saw the flow of a video of the surroundings where I live, the lake, the beautiful green trees that are blooming right now with white flowers. The more I saw the film playing in my head I realized that I needed to get my camera out.

The Unfolding

Things started to unfold when I walked down towards the lake and started filming. After a while I sat down and my dog sat down beside me. I started to see an outline of what I wanted to accomplish and the longer I filmed, the more I opened up my creativity in ways I had not been able to do earlier. I kept on filming and all of a sudden everywhere I looked was a beautiful scene that I could use in the video and I saw it unfolding in my mind.

What had Changed?

When I sat in front of my computer earlier that same morning I struggled to come up with any interesting ideas. The powerful change came when I set my intention and became willing to open up my mind. As a result I got out of my preconception and started with a blank canvas, not knowing how to do it. The change ocourred when I took my dog for a walk, set the intention and let go.

I’m sure that you already are doing this for yourself at times. Let me ask you when you get your best ideas? Isn’t it when you are in the shower or out walking when you have no pen and paper? For some people the best ideas occur first thing in the morning and for others when they go to bed.

Set Your Intention Everyday

If we use our intention with everything we do in life there is no telling what we can achieve. My suggestion for you this week is to start setting an intention with everything you do. Especially if you do not know how to solve a problem. Just set the intention and trust that it will be solved by your creative mind as we have so much more access to our fantasy when we let it loose and don’t try to control it. Give your conscious mind a rest so the subconscious mind can show you the way. Let the power of setting and intention begin. If you are curious about the result you can watch the video here.

Fia Hobbs

Stress to Strength


Mindset during Times of Crisis

The Importance of Our Mindset during Times of Crisis

I want to reflect on our mindset and what happens when we get bombarded with information and find ourselves in a situation we cannot control. This probably happens to many of us most every day even without a pandemic. The way we normally deal with the feeling of being overwhelmed is with an enormous stress response. So what to do when we feel we have had enough stress and have maxed out our hard drive, our brain? How can we move from stress to strength when it comes to our mindset?

Stuck in a Loop

I hear a lot of people talking about all the things they cannot do anymore due to Covid-19. This in turn leads to a perfect set up for the brain to get stuck in a loop that can be hard to get out of. So how do we balance the fact that we are living in a situation that none of us have been through before. Unless you are old enough to have lived a hundred years ago and survived the Spanish flue we don’t really know what to expect and what it does to our mental health.

Fear of the unknown

We fear what we don’t know, that is how the brain is wired and it is a perfect set up to protect us. But when the fear goes on for days and months without being resolved, it puts us in a heightened state of being anxious. If we stay in this state for a long time it starts to affect our mind as well as the rest of the body and we react by either putting up a fight against it, try to escape or freeze up and do nothing. These are the three modalities we have and they serve us well under normal circumstances.

What to Do?

I don’t believe in pushing thoughts and feelings away as they will always surface later on and often come back with an accumulated force. By acknowledge them and their right to show up we can come to an acceptance of the feelings and for the situation that has caused them. Acceptance in this case means simply that you see things for what they are. No more and no less. We have a right to feel the way we do but sometimes it is wise to question how we act upon those feelings. The way we interpret our thoughts and subsequently act upon them vary depending on how we have dealt with them in the past.

What You Can Do

The best thing you can do is to be kinder to yourself and more accepting of the fact that it is an unusual situation you are going through. Also know that it will change even if we don’t know when. Living with the unknown is something we do every day without thinking too much about it. It is only when the unknown becomes a threat that we become aware of the things we cannot control.

In these circumstances the best way is to take control over the small things in life, the ones that are within your reach of control. It helps to bring back a sense of structure to your life and it affects your mindset in a healthier way. Also start to look at all the things you can do, this will completely change your mindset. Even write it down so you can see clearly that you have many options.

This is a good time to reflect on our life, what we want to do, how we want to live and how we can support each other. This takes the focus off you when you start to see that you can be of help to someone else. Pick up the phone, talk to your neighbor, and help out with what you can. Most of the time it helps just to know that someone care and sees us.


  1. All feelings are ok to feel
  2. Acknowledge and accept them
  3. Be kinder to yourself
  4. Take control of small things in your life
  5. Be aware of the loop of thoughts that leads you nowhere
  6. Look at what you can do instead of what you cannot do
  7. Reach out to help someone by beeing there

I believe that we will come out of this pandemic much stronger and with a new set of eyes to view our lives and the world we live in. My hope is that it will bring us closer and to see that we are all closely connected and what happens to one of us, happens to all of us. I also hope that we will treat the earth with respect and that includes all its’ inhabitants and animals.

These are my reflections of the week, I would love to hear yours.

Face Your Fears and Live Your Purpose

Fia Hobbs

Stress to Strength