Stress to Strength

Stress to Strength

I used to have a hard time explaining exactly what I do until I realized that I help people go from Stress to Strength. This might sound strange that it has taken me so long to figure out. But as I have worked for 30 years with stress management in all forms, it gets tedious to explain exactly all the different modalities I use because really all that matters is the result.


One of the tools I use is qigong and I started to study and practice it in 1988. Seven years later I became a qigong teacher and in 2002 I took my Masters’ Exam in Medical Qigong. My studies brought me to an understanding of how energy healing works. So beside from teaching qigong, I also use it in my practice as qi therapy or energy healing. Understanding how energy works in the body and being able to remove blockages and stagnation is vital to keep a body healthy.

To be a part of a group and practice qigong as self-healing is a re-vitalizing feeling. The energy field around you becomes palpable. It is something that has to be experienced rather than talked about.  This is one of the reasons I have students that has been with me for over 20 years.

Qigong Studio Online

Since Covid-19 changed our daily lives, I started doing classes online mid-March. Before then I could not even imagine giving classes over Zoom. It works a lot better than I thought but of course I miss the real live classes.

Even so I made a decision to continue this fall with qigong online and offer more classes including meditation and also a more physical form. I am so excited and have been getting gear for my studio so the light and sound is as good as it gets.

Early Bird Catches the Worm

In this case I promise you it is not a worm you will catch. Instead it is a really good price on the whole qigong term this fall. The catch is that the price goes up after July 18 so there is not much time left. On the plus side I have recorded some bonus videos that you will get when signing up so you can start already this weekend.

Mental and Physical Training

I use qigong as both mental and physical training and I describe more in my book Öst möter Väst – Mental träning över gränserna. (The book is in Swedish but I plan on translating it).

If you feel stiff and have aches and pains, then this gentle practice is one of the best you can find. Your stress levels decrease and your “happiness” hormone oxytocin increase. Your balance and coordination will also get better as I make sure we are working on the whole body.

In my practice I use qigong as physical therapy and give people specific exercises for different ailments. There are a lot of back, neck and shoulder exercises that we always do as a warmup. I have noticed that there are more stiff necks and shoulders than usual due to people working out of home from their kitchen table.

Stress relief

We need stress relief now more than ever and ways to incorporate it into our everyday life. What is usually missing is having someone to take you by the hand and make sure the practice gets done. I offer you four classes a week. Two during lunch break and two at night so you can pick whatever suits you best. Or maybe you want to do all four.

I hope to see you this fall! Remember to reserve you place to get the cheaper price before July 18th and the bonus.


All the best

Fia Hobbs



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