Self-Sabotaging Patterns

Have you ever wondered why most of us have self-sabotaging patterns? It doesn’t matter if we decide to start a new habit or lose weight. We are so determined when we make that decision but then life happens. All of a sudden other things takes over and we end up going back to old subconscious patterns. This is because we need to change on a deeper level, otherwise it is going to take a lot of conscious effort.

Not Invested Enough

One of the main reasons that we do not fulfill what we have decided to do is that we are not invested enough in it. We might think we are but when it comes down to it, change is painful. And even though the pattern you keep repeating is painful as well, it is a pattern you are familiar with. If you change your habits it means changing your lifestyles and not many people are willing to do that.

Old Subconscious Patterns

So this is a big reason why we always fall back into our old subconscious patterns. We need to do the thorough work and look at our self-sabotage patterns. It is helpful to name them, like The Perfectionist or The Impulsive One or The Vague One, Victimhood, etc. One that lives with me is what I call The Scattered One. When I don’t keep this one under control I end up with far too many projects at one time. This is because I love what I do but it is not a helpful saboteur and I had to learn the word NO or at least Maybe later.

Common for Entrepreneurs

I think The Scattered saboteur is common for entrepreneurs and for people who are curious by nature. They want to learn a lot as everything sounds interesting and exciting. It is a bit like the shiny new object. You work on a project and something else comes up that’s even more exciting than what you’re doing right now, so you throw yourself in it.

After you have repeated that pattern four or five times you are up to your ears in work. You know that you’re not going to be able to lift all of those projects off the ground and you will have to decide on one of them. The Scattered saboteur does not like to choose. It loves to do a lot of different things just because.

The Perfectionist

So what about some of the other saboteurs like the Perfectionist? This one can be especially hard because it usually stops you from getting your finished product out or your service. Maybe there is that book you kept working on for years. I think we all strive to do our best but having the perfectionist looking over the shoulder is a major obstacle. I could name many more saboteurs here but instead you can join me on a free webinar on August 4th where I talk about internal resistance and saboteurs.

How to Become Aware

To become aware of your saboteurs you need to take notice of what stops you from getting things accomplished. They are tricky to detect as they are a part of who we are. Once you become aware you can start to make them your friends. Next time you face one, just stop and have a look at it to see what lies behind. For example perfectionism can hide feelings of being scared of judgement. Not being good enough and scared of what people will say if they find a flaw. Remember it is the flaws that makes us unique and human because nobody can live up to perfection.

Self-Saboteurs Our Best Asset

We can change our self-saboteurs to become our best assets. Once we are able to identify them we know who they are and then they cannot rule us, unless we let them.  But as long as we are unaware we will be stuck in old patterns.

One of my mentors always says; are you interested in making a change or are you committed. The difference is huge so next time if you are stuck ask yourself if you are just interested or really committed to change. If you want to find out more, join me on a free webinar August 4th followed by workshops on how to make the change. Information will follow shortly on my websites.

Fia Hobbs



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