Creativity and Mindful Walk

In the mornings when I walk my dog I go from being totally mindful to having lots of new ideas in my head. I experience everything around me, the fragrance of flowers, colors, the  warm wind on my face. And at the same time this is when I get most of my inspiration as I let go of everything else.

My Most Creative Time

I am the most creative when I am away from my computer. This means I can always count on the best ideas when I am nowhere close to be able to write them down. Apart from my morning walks, the creativity also loves to show up when I am the shower.

The way I have solved this problems is an app I use called dictate. So while I’m out walking my dog and enjoying nature, I can get my ideas down immediately by talking into the phone. For me it is genius as I would otherwise lose many ideas.

A Speaker Who Writes

I can definitely say that I am a speaker who writes and I am thankful for being able to dictate my blogs. At the moment I am re-reading the book Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. I really like the way she describes the creative force. She talks about having had the good fortune to come across true genius a few times. She describes it as a force by itself and if you don’t grab it when it shows up, somebody else will write that story or come up with your idea. Creativity is like a muse of ideas floating about in the world. If you are alert and open for it you can pick it up and if you don’t somebody else will. What a wonderful way to look at it.

My New Projects

I started thinking about my projects that I have put on the shelf because lack of time and priority. There has been many other things that has been more important in my life these past years. Just recently in May the book Reflections got released and it is based on my husband’s blogs during his last 7 months in life. That book took a lot of emotional and mental effort to put together.

My first book came out 10 years ago, Öst möter Väst – mental träning över gränserna. It took a lot of guts on my part. Not to write it but to dare to release it. My other projects are in embryo form and they are all fiction which is odd as I have never written anything like that before.

Looking For the Creative Genius

If it is true that the creative genius comes and leaves you, then maybe all of those projects are dead as I have not touch them in years. I have a longing to get acquainted again and see why I was passionate about them in the first place.

Who knows what life will bring! I don’t consider myself a writer or an author although I’ve been involved in three books by now. But I have this yearning to bring forth stories. There’s actually one fictional story that came in a dream. When I woke up I had the whole story outline including names and faces. I was quick to write it all down as soon as I woke up, This was years ago and I will have to drum up time and courage to open that file and see what is in there and if it still excites me.

Fia Hobbs



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