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Midsummer Celebration – A State of Mind

Today we celebrate Midsummer Eve in Sweden and I would say Midsummer is a state of mind for Swedish people. It is a day when we want everything to be absolutely perfect. We want it to be warm and sunny and have friends and family with us. You can almost compare Midsummer celebration to the importance of 4th of July in the States.

It is a time when people come together, eat, drink and play silly games. Now that is the ideal picture. I cannot tell you how many Midsummers I have spent in the rain and cold. I remember one Midsummer it was as low as 6° Celsius and everybody was wearing fleece and still wanting to eat outside because it was summer solstice. As we are about to gear up for this one big day of the year, you can easily set yourself up for great disappointment.

How Our Mindset Plays a Part

If we are stuck with a mindset on how things are supposed to be, we set ourselves up for failure and disappointment. Especially when we let the outer elements like weather on a specific day rule our mood. If you feel that it is the outer circumstances that affects how you feel, then that is your truth. But what if we can learn to rule over our own mindset? And I think you already know the answer to that one and the answer is yes. We can all change our state of mind pretty easy, but first of all we have to become aware and then take action.


Being aware of the things that brings us down and things that lifts us up is a start. If you for example have a hard time to get your energy, and your body, up in the morning you can look at what gets your energy up in general. For many it is music so why not play your favorite up beat music even before your coffee in the morning.

Maybe start off with a few dance moves in the bathroom right before jumping into the shower. Just put music on and do some spontaneous dancing. I can guarantee you that after a few minutes you will feel the shift in your mindset if you allow yourself to get into it. It doesn’t matter if it feels silly in the beginning, just do it.

The Shift

Music and dancing is an easy way to shift your mindset. So on a day like today if the weather is not with you, if you cannot spend time with friends and  family because of the pandemic and you can’t have your big Midsummer party. See what you can do to make this a memorable weekend and also know that you are the one who creates your mindset. The outer elements cannot control you if you are in control of your inner mindset.

Ps. the weather seems to be with us today.

Happy Midsummer all!

Fia Hobbs



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