Stretch Your Mind

How Can We Stretch Our Mind

Last week I sat in daily webinars and several master classes and it blew my mind. The stuff I studied was all new to me and way over my head. If I could take in 50 % of it I was happy. At first it caused a feeling of being overwhelmed of all the things I need to know in this new digital world. With everybody going online and having webinars and summits you have to find a way to stand out and make it look professional.


The feeling of being overwhelmed changed during the week towards curiosity and excitement. I started thinking could I actually do this? That was a good feeling because I know from experience that when I put myself in situations like this it stretches my mind. It is a matter of getting exposed to the subject many times and finally it will start to make sense. And this is how it works for all of us if we dare to take the leap into unknown areas.

Dive In

To dive in to a new challenge can be mindblowing. In my case it was technical nerdy stuff which has been the least of my interest, and all of a sudden I’m deep into a master class in technology. What I want to get across is that no matter how overwhelming something can be in the beginning don’t be afraid to take on the challenge. Just take it in, one breath at a time and you will notice that your stress level will drop. Take it step by step and before you know you have surprised yourself. If someone had told me 3 months ago that I would be thinking of building a studio I would have laughed and said no way. Now that thought actually excites me.

New Consciousness

We are being propelled into a new consciousness, that is my belief. I also believe that big change has to happen on many levels and that our minds will be stretched much further. Right now we are being pushed into a new way of life and the digital world is our new reality when it comes to meetings and conferences. All of a sudden we realize that we might not have to travel as much and hopefully this will lead us to a more sustainable life on this planet.

Wake Up Call

I think the pandemic has been a wake up call for people to realize that a lot of things need to change. We need leaders and governments who has the courage to put the big questions in focus. Questions like how to deal with climate change, future pandemics, toxic waste on land and in oceans, poverty, equality, the list goes on and on.

So what does this have to do with stretching your mind? I would say everything! The power of one individual is strong enough to create a whole movement. We have had plenty of evidence lately.

What would be your call to follow? Would it be to learn something new out of your comfort zone? Or to take a stand on an important issue? Whatever the challenge will be you most likely have to move through some resistance and maybe even fear. And it will definitely stretch your mind. I call it moving from Stress to Strength. In the beginning of August there will be workshops on subjects of resistence and self sabotaging patterns that stops us.

Fia Hobbs



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  • Ingela Blom

    Så sant och inspirerande! Känner igen faserna i att utveckla kunskap från det att steget tas. Jag känner också igen hur mitt eget motstånd och min rädsla kan hålla mig stillastående. Att ta steget och dyka in i en ny utmaning frigör energi, precis som du beskriver. Eller som Madicken säger när hon balanserar på taknocken: “Idag känner jag livet i mig”.

  • fia

    Tack Ingela! Motståndet i oss är viktigt att utforska och jag har börjat jobba på ett helt nytt sätt med att hitta roten och sedan lösgöra motståndet. Det ska bli så kul att köra workshops om ämnet i början av augusti och se hur djupt vi kan komma under 5 tillfällen. Mitt program för att helt transformera och gå på djupet ligger på 3 månader och startar 2 september. Kommer skriva mer om det senare.

  • Nicholas Stewart

    You can definitely see your enthusiasm within the article you
    write. The sector hopes for more passionate writers like
    you who are not afraid to mention how they believe.

    At all times follow your heart.

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