Hope, Healing, Fears and Finding Purpose

A Story of Hope, Healing, Facing Fears and Finding Purpose

Today I want to share my journey with you and reflect on the past three years that has ranged from hope to acceptance and everything in between. My husband started to write about his challenge facing late stage cancer as a way of handling his own fears and to inspire others who deals with a serious illness. Reflections is based on the blog he wrote during the seven months from his diagnosis to his death on February 8, 2018.

It has been intense at times, slow at other times, a lot of grief but also feelings of thankfulness. May 26 is the official release for the book Reflections, a Story of Hope Healing, Facing Fears and Finding Purpose.

How it Started

It started in 2017 when my husband became ill and got diagnosed with cancer for the second time. I realized from the start it was serious this time and dropped everything at hand and spent the last seven months with him. It was a journey, an inner journey, which brought a lot of sadness, grief, and worry. But it also came with closure and times where we felt content and grateful for every day we could spend together. For having true friends and family that helped us through the seven months and made it possible. I won’t go into details here as the book tells the story.

Hope and Healing

Reflections is also a book of hope and healing but not the physical healing we usually think about. It is more about emotional, mental, and the spiritual healing which in retrospect are just as important as the physical healing.

Brian also wanted me to write from my perspective as a wife and caregiver, as well as his counseling therapist. It is a role I know well, mainly from my work but also from having lost many friends to cancer. I was both his wife and psychological support and over the months, as he grew in spirituality, we had long conversations about life and death. Brian wanted to spread his message and was hoping in the early days that he could speak to people about finding purpose in life whatever they were up against, including facing death. He became passionate about helping people get over the fears that stop so many of us, something that he himself had struggled with for most of his life.


Unfortunately he was not able to fulfill the idea of public speaking but he did become a huge inspiration through his blog, especially to his singer-songwriter students. We were both overwhelmed by the response and he was lucky to find out while he was still alive that he had been an inspiration to many people over the years, without even being aware of it. He just followed his passion.

Book Release Online

I hope you will join me on May 26 at 5 pm Swedish time (GMT +2) for the book release that will take place online on my official Facebook page. There will be interviews with my husband’s friends from way back and fun stories as I believe in celebrating life and not the death of someone. My husband finally realized his purpose in life and the book will inspire you to find yours.

Face Your Fears and Live Your Purpose

Fia Hobbs



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