The Power of Setting an Intention

Set Your Intention for the Week

It is easy to underestimate the power of setting an intention no matter what you want to accomplish. I’d like to give you an example from last Friday when I faced a challenge. I needed to create a promo video for the book Reflections, a Story of Hope, Healing, Facing Fears, and Finding Purpose. When I started I had no idea how to approach it. My first idea was to record myself in front of the camera and reading aloud from the pages of the book.

That idea didn’t excite me so instead I took my dog for a walk with an intention to open up my creativity without any preconception on how to solve my problem. It took me about ten minutes into the walk when I started to see parts of the video in my brain unfold. I saw the flow of a video of the surroundings where I live, the lake, the beautiful green trees that are blooming right now with white flowers. The more I saw the film playing in my head I realized that I needed to get my camera out.

The Unfolding

Things started to unfold when I walked down towards the lake and started filming. After a while I sat down and my dog sat down beside me. I started to see an outline of what I wanted to accomplish and the longer I filmed, the more I opened up my creativity in ways I had not been able to do earlier. I kept on filming and all of a sudden everywhere I looked was a beautiful scene that I could use in the video and I saw it unfolding in my mind.

What had Changed?

When I sat in front of my computer earlier that same morning I struggled to come up with any interesting ideas. The powerful change came when I set my intention and became willing to open up my mind. As a result I got out of my preconception and started with a blank canvas, not knowing how to do it. The change ocourred when I took my dog for a walk, set the intention and let go.

I’m sure that you already are doing this for yourself at times. Let me ask you when you get your best ideas? Isn’t it when you are in the shower or out walking when you have no pen and paper? For some people the best ideas occur first thing in the morning and for others when they go to bed.

Set Your Intention Everyday

If we use our intention with everything we do in life there is no telling what we can achieve. My suggestion for you this week is to start setting an intention with everything you do. Especially if you do not know how to solve a problem. Just set the intention and trust that it will be solved by your creative mind as we have so much more access to our fantasy when we let it loose and don’t try to control it. Give your conscious mind a rest so the subconscious mind can show you the way. Let the power of setting and intention begin. If you are curious about the result you can watch the video here.

Fia Hobbs

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