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The Mind Body Connection and How to go from Stress to Strength

I’d like to welcome you to my blog about the mind body connection and introduce myself. My name is Fia Hobbs, I am a speaker, an author, a therapist, a mother, a dog owner, a widow.  In addition I am also a forerunner for cancer survivors enhanced quality of life and founder of  a non profit organization.  Isn’t it funny though how when we try to put labels on someone, it still doesn’t describe who the person is?

Therefore I invite you to follow me on an inner journey in this blog where we will look at the connection between mind and body. I used to have two blogs, one in Swedish and one in English and from now on you will find both of them here.

Why should you be interested in my blog?

I will give you 3 reasons. 1. First of all If you are like me, fascinated by how our mind works and the mind body connection then I think you will like this blog. 2. Stress is on everybodys mind and for the past 30 years my work has been in stress management. Subsequently  I use different modalities to help people where mental training is the foundation.

The 3rd reason to follow this blog is if you want inspiration and reflection. I will encourage you to set intentions with whatever you do, whether it is for yourself at work or personally. Therefore my intention will be to start off the week with a Monday blog to inspire you and the Friday blog will be reflections of the week. I think we need to reflect more on the actions we take, or don’t take. However we live in such a fast paced life where it is easy to get overwhelmed and we need to learn how to navigate.

So what is my story?

I was first introduced to qigong in 1988 and have practiced it ever since and hold a Master’s degree in Medical Qigong. This brought me to go deep into meditation and mindfulness. It also led me to write my first book 10 years ago about mental training and my plan is to translate it into English over the summer and maybe add a few more chapters. The book, Öst möter Väst – Mental träning över gränserna, has a lot of different modalities in it plus great stories and is available in Swedish.

To sum it up, if you want to get inspired every week and learn about mindful living, wellness and also about deeper subjects covering life and death and everything in between, then you should follow my blog.

See you soon!

Face Your Fears and Live Your Purpose

Fia Hobbs

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